Lodging near Hosmer Point Camp (SanKassel Wedding Site)

If you want more comfort and privacy than Hosmer Point Camp (bunks in group cabins with separate, shared baths), consider booking a room at the Craftsbury Outdoor Center, just down the road (see below). All of its hillside cabins and lakefront cottages are being held for wedding guests until June 1. Many feature private baths and accessible rooms.

Airbnb and other nearby vacation rentals are shown below. Scroll down to see properties that were listed as of March 1, 2019. Not all owners have determined their summer rental availability and more may become available during the spring. August rentals tend to fill up in the early spring as people make their annual summer plans. Distance noted is the mileage to Hosmer Point Camp.


COC Hilltop Cabins and Lakeside Cottages

Location: Craftsbury Outdoor Center

Distance: 1 . 4 miles

Call 802.586.7767 for info and to reserve. Tell them you are

part of the Kassel wedding and ask for the “meals not

included” price.

Location: Andersonville

Distance: 6.2 miles

3 guest rooms

Price: $65-75/night, includes breakfast

Site: website


Craftsbury Farmhouse Retreat

Location: Craftsbury

Sleeps 2

Price: $65/night


Ann’s Schoolhouse

Location: South Albany Village

Distance: 4 miles

Sleeps 4

Price: $125/night

Site: airbnb

Three Bees Guesthouse

Location: Craftsbury Common

Distance: 6 miles

Sleeps 4 in 2 BR apt., 2 in studio

Price: $225 & $125 /night

Site: Owner's web site

Location: Craftsbury

Distance: 1.7 miles

Sleeps 4, 1 BR

Price: $140/night


Classic Vermont Farm House

Location: Morey Hill Rd., Craftsbury

Distance: 8 miles

Sleeps 8, 4 BR

Price: $350/night

Site: VRBO


Location: Albany

Distance: 5.3 miles

Sleeps: 6

Price: $135/night

Site: Homeaway

Phoebe's House & Cottage

Location: East Craftsbury Village

Distance: 7 miles

House sleeps 6, Cottage sleeps 4

Price: $125/night

Site: owner's web site

Cate Hill Farm Cottage

Location: East Craftsbury

Distance: 7 miles

Sleeps 10, 3 BR

Price: $140/night

Site: Airbnb