Land Use Analysis

We study land settlement patterns to understand how landscapes and cities have changed in the past and how, given land use regulations, land development practices and market forces, they may evolve in the future.  We conduct grant-funded research as well as studies for clients seeking expert testimony.

SELECTEd projects

Vermont Land Settlement Patterns                     Illustration of the contrast between traditional and contemporary forms                                                  Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Arts

Visualizing Density Catalog and Web Site                Exploration of how perceptions of density are shaped by urban design                                                                 Client: Lincoln Institute for Land Policy

Act 250 Criterion 9L                                         Independent review of a development project under state land use regulation limiting commercial strip development                                                                 Client: State of Vermont Natural Resources Board

Act 250 Exit 4                                                               Expert testimony on a proposed development project affecting prime agricultural land                                  Client: Vermont Natural Resources Council

Interstate Interchange Design Guidelines                 Scenic Inventory and buildout scenarios for development around Vermont's 48 interstate interchanges                  Client: Vermont Department of Housing and Community Affairs