Made for Walking: Density and Neighborhood Form

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“I just finished a very good – no, make that fantastic – book by Julie Campoli called Made for Walking... I think she started out to write a book about city density… and ended up writing something much better than that.” Kaid Benfield, Atlantic Cities  Read more

“To anyone who’s tired of fighting an uphill battle in arguing for increased density in order to make the case for walkability, Julie Campoli’s new book Made for Walking: Density and Neighborhood Form will seem a god-send…  Paging through for the first time, it is hard not to be dazzled by how well these images communicate almost everything that the companion text could hope to say. If a picture is worth a thousand words, these pictures together are worth a million.”  -Brendan Crain, Project for Public Spaces  Read more

“Here, urban designer Julie Campoli judiciously weaves photography, text, and mapping to define the essential characteristics of 12 compact, low-carbon prototypes in central city locations. Her final selection, gleaned from field trips to 34 cities in Canada and the United States, is a coherent and visually stunning product.” -Martin Zimmerman, Urban Land Institute  Read more…

“Campoli has produced a visually stunning book that is photographed entirely from ground level — and the result is successful and fresh, distinct and absorbing. I’ve pored through scores of books on urban design that make similar points on walkability and urban design. I couldn’t put Made for Walking down. My to-do list had to wait.” -Robert Steuteville, Better! Cities & Towns. Read more…