A Glimpse of a Sustainable Urban Future

On a recent trip to Copenhagen, a day trip across the Øresund Sound led me to the western shore of Malmö, Sweden, and the brand new district of Västra Hamnen (Western Harbor). Built on a former shipyard within walking distance of the city center, Västra Hamnen seems to get everything right. It features state of the art environmental performance--net-zero buildings, 100% local renewable energy, biogas from waste, public transit, pedestrian and bike-friendly design, green infrastructure—all wrapped up in a gorgeous architectural package.  Strolling through the intimate spaces of the recently completed Bo01 neighborhood, it's hard not to imagine yourself living the good life in this green seaside community     See the emerging Västra Hamnen district and the completed Bo01 neighborhood in Google Map view and check out my photos, taken on a gray Saturday morning in April.